Club Property

as at January 2018


Brown club banner and stand
Heidi Taylor Honour Board
SA glass pear award
Data Projector No. 96603059
Dell Laptop No. PP29L and P/N:NM538A00
Brown tie up Club banner
ZCAH pull up banner


Motion book

Sherry Proferes

Project display posters
2017 District awards
BKF award

Jane Abdilla

Framed Zonta code 1987-presented by Riverland
SA Corporate Affairs Com-Cert of Inc. (Framed orig.)
District 23 PR award 2003-05 cert.
Premiers Community Service Distinction award 2006
Birthing Kit Assembly Day Resources

Margaret Bunfield

Nail files

  • large 1 176
  • small - 190

Barbara Waddell-Smith

Satin fabric for cushions
Filling for cushions
Decorations for cushions

Lorna Caire

Entertainment bag contents
Breast Care Cushions
Cards for bags and cushions
Cards for Louise Place baskets
Brochures for cushions

Margaret Parsons

Fabric for Days for Girls
Display board for BKFA

Doone Winnall

ZI Certificate of Inc. June 1987

Sharon Geue

Yellow Banner
6 Zonta Aprons
6 checked tablecloth
6 tea towels
22 dozen wine and Champagne glasses
Visitors Book
extra satin material for cushions
BK pull up banners

Sharon Morton

Photo Albums

last modified 8/7/2018