The Twilight Vigil

The Twilight Vigil was held on 1 December 2023 last year.

To recognise women who have died this past year from Domestic Violence.


Mr Iain Small wrote this beautiful piece and uploaded it to You Tube

called “The Orange Ladies,” Zonta says NO to Violence  – Please listen to it.


He wrote…about his music

A few weeks ago, I met ‘The Orange Ladies’, from the Zonta Club of the Adelaide Hills. They were raising awareness for women and children killed by acts of Domestic Violence across Australia. Statistics from show, that as of typing this out on the 19th December, 2023 there have been 81 deaths in Australia just this year (including 11 children).

Of the 70 female deaths listed, the figures show they were caused by 19 bashings, 1 asphyxiation, 2 fire, 2x poisoning, 4 shooting, and 22 stabbings….(edited), 1.5 deaths each week attributed to a result of domestic violence.

As someone who teaches at an all girls school, this number is far too high. I can’t wave a magic wand and fix it, yet I can try and help share the message via music and I encourage you to share this video, and then look up people like the Zonta club and other organizations that are out there to offer help. For those of you currently stuck in abusive relationships, I hope you can find the strength and support you need from the organizations available on offer. I’ll happily edit and include any links in this description as possible.